Maou-Sama - Week 2

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updated on Jan 08, 2021

Maou-Sama - Week 2 game - Your adventure begins when your stepmother wants you to take over the family. Your father and stepmother have had several problems throughout their marriage. You have a half-sister, and none of you can ever seem to get your act straight. All you've ever wanted was to live a normal life. What you're about to live is anything but normal, and you might end up losing your father in the process. You'll have to choose between your father or the rest of the family, who is extremely dysfunctional.

How to play Week 2?

Play at first Week 1 until the end of the 7th day. Then you will be asked to save your game progress.

After that, you can import this Save in Week 2.

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  • Pablo01 - Jan 22, 2021

    Cant import week 1, exports as zip file. do I extract or import zip file, tried both ways, no go. (in Chrome) says imported but then shows no files in box
    • Thas - Dec 18, 2020

      Cant import saves from week 1
      • Satyricon - Nov 01, 2020

        I cant save while I am playing. and I imported saves.
        • Skinz - Oct 19, 2020

          Have reported the bug, keeps crashing at day 8 sentence 1, shortly after your niko transforms.
          • player2 - Oct 04, 2020

            played the first game no problem, i tried this one with and without importing the saved data, it keeps shutting me down right after i choose my neko and leave their kingdom. it says cant find day 8 choice 1
            • Toto90 - Oct 22, 2020

              Same error here... did you manage to get pass it ?

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