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Please, pay attention that some games save progress in cookie files, thus the progress can be lost if the cookie files are cleaned.

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Please give a try to the following tips & tricks:

You can search by multiple words at once. Search query such as quest love will search for games that contain at least one of these words.
In order to search for a game with both these words use the plus sign, e.g. +quest +love. Search query +quest love will search for games with quest but games with quest and love will be on top of the search results.

Use a hyphen to exclude words, a query +quest -love will search for games with questin the name of the game but in case there is also love in the name, then games like this will be excluded from the search results.

Use the asterisk wildcard. Search query quest* will search for quest, quests, question, etc.

When searching for something specific, try using quotes. For example,search query halloween quest will search for this phrase exactly as it's written.

You'll find useful functions under a game:

Upon clicking this icon you can play the game in a full screen mode. In case you are using a mobile device the game will load in a full screenmode by default, therefore without any additional actions from your side.

Upon clicking this icon the game you are playing will be reloaded and restarted from the beginning.

If you have any issues when playing games on our site, please do not hesitate to report us the issue you are experiencing via a bug report form. You can also include your email address in case you wish us to notify you when the issue is fixed. In addition to this you can include more details by clicking "Add more details" link.

At times game developers make mistakes, therefore the games are not able to load properly on all operating system and devices.

For example, in RPG Maker and similar software, they use a wide range of ways to pack filesfor web versions of the game. It is possible macOS and iOS tries to find a specific type of audio/video/image file, however, Windows tries to find a completely different type of file (OGG files for audios on Windows versus M4A files on macOS). Even if Decryption is used, a system can search for RPGMVM instead of RPGMVO, etc. However, we do our best to avoid these issues and provide you with a best quality service!

If you still have an unanswered question, please do not hesitate to contact us .