Secret Summer [v 0.5]

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created on Aug 29, 2020

In Secret Summer, your dad has a lucrative business, and you have been chosen as his successor. You were swept away and taught how to run the business. During a phone call, you heard your mother crying on the other end. You figure out a way to go home and see what's going on. The reunion with your family is only possible if you're willing to stick your neck out and risk everything. It's not going to be easy, but your mom's safety and sanity are what's at stake.

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  • Jacky - Dec 09, 2020

    Game is amazing but you should make a part 2
    • connor - Dec 04, 2020

      i agree with Blober your killing the game with ALL this internal dialogue after the intro is done and we are aware of whats going on you need to pick up the pace . everything else is great just a shame the internal dialogue.
      • naaa - Oct 26, 2020

        too short
        • Blober - Oct 13, 2020

          The internal dialogue is a mood killer. Breaks perspective of being the MC when he always has sort of stupid internal dialogue with himself. Breaks all flow and makes it feel so fake. I know it is fake but damn it just kills it. It seems to be the things in these games to have the MC do way to much.
          • dicktip - Oct 01, 2020

            oooh sexy

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