Element-174 [v0.18]

created on Aug 31, 2020

In Element-174, you were accepted into Branchfield University. The choices you make have a significant impact on the outcome of the game. Are you going to a good student who studies and tries their very best to learn? Maybe you'll slack off and not do very well in school. If you make the wrong decisions, they will affect the lives of those around you. The decisions you make not only impact your life but also the lives of the faculty.

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(4 out of 5)


  • Blober - Nov 08, 2020

    MC talks to himself way to much and why are you not giving options to ask other girls out? I dont like Ash and you are derailing the MC from making any progress with others? The way you are forcing the MC to act is very off from what he should be doing. Makes it feel so damn fake like why bother.
    • YoelGrego - Oct 29, 2020

      It is another reading for the terminator plot, but well made. I wish I can see the sequence a near future.
      • Leon - Sep 03, 2020

        Ouh. theres episode 2? And, its eighth day.
        • loveit - Sep 03, 2020

          realy liked the visuals but i didnt like how I was unable to save it at the end of the game
          • Leon - Sep 03, 2020

            Well love it, u can save by clicking at the bottom. Well, the save is like hidden @ invsible. so, just hover the bottom and u can see there save over there.
        • CSR - Sep 02, 2020

          The game was good overall. But it shouldnt have ended like that.

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