The Tyrant [v0.9.1]

created on Aug 27, 2020

The Tyrant game - A son returns to his homeland after a year away being an exchange student. Things are not the same as he left them, and it's going to take some time for him to get used to everything. His stepfather, mother, and two sisters are all happy to see him return. He will have to work on building back the relationship he had with them since you can't expect to be gone a year and come back to a world that's exactly as he left it.

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  • Princess - Sep 18, 2020

    It doesnt let me past the first page where it asks you what your name is I click on the screen and nothing happens what do i do?
    • grego - Sep 18, 2020

      Just use your keyboard and type. It'll work
  • Rodelin - Sep 16, 2020

    This game is fun.
    • deadpool - Sep 15, 2020

      how to get relationship points No matter what i do the relationship points keeps decreasing, what to do..??
      • Harder - Sep 16, 2020

        Well, the easier way is to use the cheats found in your room. If you don't want to, then pick all choices that are colored in green.
    • Lulilul - Sep 15, 2020

      I cant go with Nicole to the second basement Event and i cant show Cassandra to there parents. Pls fix
      • Harder - Sep 16, 2020

        In order to start Nicole's second basement event, you have to have her give you a blowjob (or a handjob, don't really remember) in the first basement event. I think you have to choose the green option in the first basement event.
    • Messi - Sep 14, 2020

      best game to play here

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