The Office Wife [v0.40]

updated on Sep 02, 2020

The Office Wife - You take on a new job at an office. Your character's name is Stacy Jones, and a mysterious amulet finds its way into your hands. After touching the amulet, your life changes. You begin to notice that you have new sexual feelings for your husband. You're also starting to get horny for every many you see at work. It isn't long until you're fucking everything in sight, and you can't seem to control yourself.

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  • david - Aug 13, 2020

    I am kind of stuck. The same thing happening over and over again every day. same dialogues. how to find out what to do next where to go? o Shannons I have two options eat alone or eat with andy and I have done both. should I take the pills from the doctor? but they say come in the morning before work every time. In the office, the same thing happens. Home? Gym? same dialogues. Help Please. My enchantment is 11
    • Admin - Aug 13, 2020

      Thank you for the comment. Our team has already begun fixing the issue.
  • kitty - Jun 30, 2020

    love this game

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