Teaching hard or Hardly Teaching [v1.0]

updated on Oct 09, 2020

Teaching hard or Hardly Teaching - Mr. Tomic has what many people would consider the most challenging job in the world; he's a teacher. You have to deal with teens who are going through all kinds of hormonal challenges. If that weren't enough, then you have to deal with their mothers. Some of these women are more than just a pain in the ass; they make your cock rock hard. How can you tutor someone when their mom makes your dick so hard that it could cut glass?

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(5 out of 5)


  • pillager34850 - Nov 20, 2020

    10/10 was little sad at not quite end had to run thrice before i got past a scene
    • GRAKSAW - Aug 11, 2020

      idkh, idkw, but this game is very honest and very emotional and i love every bit of it and it makes me nut H A R D ! you may or may not have my support fundamentally, but i wish for this to continue if not already finished, hell im not sure im even a quarter of the way through yet and just finished nutting in my (nurse) if you catch my drift. Id also like to maybe hear voices eventually cause its that GUD. sorry if im being to personal im just speaking my mind. keep it up and keep on thriving.
      • Nick - Jul 21, 2020

        Love this, please more
        • qwertyu - Jul 17, 2020

          when is the next update and please make it quick

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