Tyrant Quest [Ch. 1-9 Final v3]

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updated on Nov 26, 2020

Tyrant Quest - This is a visual novel with a few choices. Darkness, evil, and other mystical creatures rule. The story is long, but it's not hard to follow. Keep reading, and soon you'll be lost in a world of demons that are trying their best to spread evil. It's a thrilling tale of what happens when the bad side of all that's good is released onto the world. The darkest parts of this story are a tale of how deeply deprived some people can be when their souls ferment in the pits of hell.

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  • randomguy - Sep 25, 2020

    you cant save, I tried pressing the save slot and it just doesnt save, and when u die it flicks you off to the menu, go fucking fix this retarded game smh i was at chapter 7 ffs waste of time dont even try playing this game if anyones reading this

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