The Ramen Prince (Ramen no Oujisama) [v 1.0.1]

updated on Jul 24, 2020

The Ramen Prince (Ramen no Oujisama) sex game is one of the hentai visual novel types so you are sure to be rewarded with lots of juicy sex scenes. The main character is a guy living in Tokyo who ends up becoming an entrepreneur in what else, Ramen, as he opens up a successful ramen eatery. But you must now find girls to help keep up your successful ventures and there are at least 10 ways to choose from, along with searching for codes and more. Will you find the women of your dreams and keep on succeeding or will you fail?

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(5 out of 5)


  • Ace - Jun 06, 2020

    Anyone have the codes for the gallery?
    • Steve - Jun 03, 2020

      I've seen less likable characters in Triple A games, Well done! 5/5
      • dante - May 24, 2020

        few glitches here and there, but it’s still a great game and idea for a game. you guys keep working hard and keep making games like this possible.
        • savage - May 22, 2020

          not yet playing but looks nice
          • chris - May 21, 2020

            So sad it ended, one of the few games i enjoyed not just because of the amazing sex scenes, but also cause its a great fun, and joking story line 5/5 hope you can keep creating more awesome games in the future.

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