Starship Inanna [v8.5.7]

updated on Oct 09, 2020

In Starship Inanna, you are the Commander of the Titan Empire. You fly around planets on a ship with a crew that is made up of select races. You get to send your crew on different missions to study the cultures and civilizations of other planets. The people you encounter during your missions are those that will change your life forever. We're talking about merchants, slave traders, and enemies so fierce they will challenge you like no one else can.

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  • erotherm - Oct 28, 2020

    Visually sexy and the story is decent, but the writing itself is deplorable. Laziness and lack of copy editing, but its so bad sometimes you have to read something twice to be sure of what was intended. It seriously cuts into the enjoyment of every other aspect and eventually made me not care for the game at all. If you cant write beyond a 6th grade level then hire somebody who can, and if you just dont give a shit about one of the core elements of your games then dont even bother making them.
    • Spaceboi - Sep 25, 2020

      what one is the Futanari girl
      • Dragon - Aug 19, 2020

        An issue with the game seems to have cropped up. The second missions have the teams switched but other than that they are right on. Had to play through the first mission with both teams to figure it out, lol. Small but important detail. Great game so far.
        • Pagasis - Aug 16, 2020

          Very sexy game

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