Secrets Ep.3 [v 4.0]

created on Sep 29, 2020

Secrets game - Good Fortune… that is something you've heard already yet never had it. Your life hasn't ever been an easy one! You're alone and have no money. Absolutely none!... Therefore, you've chosen some bad options, attempted to get lucky doing something dishonest, etc., but still, you and fortune have never seen eye to eye.

Still, the law took pity on you and you didn't go to jail. But you're all alone and sitting around in your tiny room, no money, just waiting till the landlord kicks you out.

Suddenly the phone rings… an attorney… he says an uncle of yours named Paul Walden is dead. Guess what? You've been named in the will! You are inheriting some big bucks! Wow, aren't you finally hitting the jackpot. No, as you don't have a clue who that uncle was!

Although, you've zero to lose. So, it is a great opportunity to make some changes. You may not really be the correct heir, but what the heck? You'll play the part of the bereaved nephew…

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  • mathew - Oct 06, 2020

    that is the best games ever played
    • jim - Oct 01, 2020

      great game
      • Kilroy82 - Sep 30, 2020

        Fuck you and your foot fetish. You could have at least made all fetishes optional to better customize the experience to the players taste.

        • Kilroy82 - Sep 30, 2020

          she has beautiful feet? If we want a foot fetish give us a path to have one. Must every game include one? Be original.

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