Polarity [v 0.4.3]

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updated on Nov 27, 2020

In Polarity, you play a professional boxer who has moved to a new city. You are thrust into a world of sex, drugs, and all kinds of horny women. We're talking about moms who can't get enough cock and teens who can't keep their legs closed. You are the one in control of everything, and you can choose to fuck anything that moves or to focus on your boxing career. Some of you guys will want to bust as many nuts as possible, while others will seek out the boxing career of a lifetime.

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  • GARY - Oct 25, 2020

    Even though the Alpha Male has enough rage to want to kill Timothy partially because of his killing of his dog, this self-identified Master of Tae Kwando (Falsely. As a Tae Kwando Master, he should not be afraid of any opponent. But this Master was afraid.) I should not have written that he would wreck a woman. Saying that he was going to take what he wanted would have been more correct. I commented somewhat extremely because I was really annoyed watching him act like a weakling.
    • Gary - Oct 25, 2020

      The entire sum of dialogue in this game portrays the Alpha Male as a stammering, leering schoolboy who is even seduced by schoolgirls. He should be saying something like this to a schoolgirl: Take your clothes off now, you cocktease. I am going to use you. If you do not obey completely, I will wreck you. I am your MASTER!
      • HornyDude98 - Aug 27, 2020

        nice game! the best one
        • gobob - Aug 26, 2020

          This is what every game should aspire to be. Excellent, keep it coming.
          • Anon - Jul 25, 2020

            I only did boxing and I still think it is a great game.

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