My Best Deal [v 0.8]

updated on Nov 20, 2020

In My Best Deal, you've saved a girl from what ultimately would've been her death. You find yourself in heaven, and you cut a deal with the goddess of love. It seems like your good deed has left you with more questions than answers. Whatever the deal is that you strike, it will leave a lasting impression on you forever. Would you have been better off letting the girl die? You'll find out the answer to that question after you're done playing this game.

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  • DontWorryAbtIt - Nov 16, 2020

    new update came out
    • DragonLayer - Oct 22, 2020

      that cliff hanger man!!! did not see that coming lol
      • BeardedMisfit - Aug 13, 2020

        The game has potential but the big let down, can it even be referred to as a visual novel when its a black screen the majority of the time. The art style I Like, the story is lacking, needs a little more effort. As a concept and a teaser good, but as it is now its a let down. Really hope changes are made in the future as i would like to see it fully fleshed out
        • Kilroy82 - Aug 11, 2020

          I would actually like this game if it werent for all of the black screens. To writing is painfully average as well. Also I found myself skipping through the black screens and not caring about the writing so there is another example of how the black screens KILL this game. It does have potential thought but needs to be completely reworked. That is why I gave it 2 stars.
          • Satan - Jul 22, 2020

            plz update soon this is game is soooo cool and got good stuff

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