Melody [v 1.0]

updated on Oct 08, 2020

In the Melody porn game, you're a professional musician and touring the entire country. Today you meet a girl named Melody, and she's going to be your new student. Do you have what it takes to teach how to play music while getting into her panties? It's going to take all of your skill, determination, and a little luck to get to the prized possession that's in between this darling's legs. The reward for your efforts will be great sex.

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(5 out of 5)


  • Boris2733 - Sep 08, 2020

    great story can connect to it as well
    • Whadafxup - Apr 07, 2020

      Good looking game, cool story, and involved storytelling. Really could use more interaction and player choice/involvement. The biggest knock against it is that anything beyond a blowjob is blacked out, giving no sex scene visuals. This issue really needs to be changed.

      • Vaibhav - Apr 06, 2020

        Also it was damn amazing without those 18+ scenes

        • Vaibhav - Apr 06, 2020

          It made me cry!!! I played it for the amazing story and literally I remained on Melody path only and reached upto 396 points... Amazing work by the devs

          • Wow - Nov 28, 2019

            Jesus Christ... I gave up on the sex and nudity half way through i just wanted the story, i legit cried in some parts... Its fantastic game honestly even without the 18+ scenes i would of enjoyed this omg... has really inspired me also to continue doing the stuff i love

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