Halfway House [Ep.1-7]

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updated on Sep 30, 2020

Halfway House - You've been in juvenile detention for the past four years. You're 19 years old and will transfer to a halfway house once you get out. You'll be on probation for six months while staying at the halfway house. You must do your best to stay out of trouble, or this time you’re going to go to prison. They taught you zero life skills while incarcerated, but somehow you’ll need to figure out how to live life as an adult.

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  • Chris - Dec 02, 2020

    Halfway House is a great game but rather a netflix highschool series than an erotic novel. Downsides: The credit point system lacks any balance.The second weakness is that you cannot have actual sex with the characters (you can kiss them and might have a blowjob though). The good things: as a player you build a deep emotional bond with all of the characters. But nothing tops the great dialogues which were always eloquent and interesting.
    • Blober - Nov 02, 2020

      Play if you like to be a simp worthless loser who lets women walk all over you. It is so trash
      • Blober - Nov 02, 2020

        So immature. Make the MC a wuss and Emily a lil kid. Story started off interesting until that BS makes me want to start skipping content. Learn to stop making MC some idiot that cant look at a woman without wanting to masturbate ffs.
        • jax - Oct 07, 2020

          game finally gets good then it ends FUCK!!
          • Tony - Sep 23, 2020

            Great story line, keep it up, cant wait to see what else is in store!

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