Goo Manji [v.1.0.0]

updated on Jul 24, 2020

GOO MANJI - The worst thing that could ever happen to you is a reality. The school you go to has forced you to tutor your bully. He is a guy who treats you like shit every day. Now somehow, you've got to find the strength to tutor him. It's hard not to want to punch the son of a bitch right in the face, but don't allow yourself to go down that path. Right now, your concern has to be getting through the game and making sure that he passes his classes.

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  • erothermic - Sep 16, 2020

    Oh... my.... f@cking...... GAWD!!!! This game is Amazing!!! ;) Well Done!! So short yet SOOOO sweet! If you are into crossing lines as a straight alpha male (especially harem building) or as a total sissy slut (especially for BBC!!) then you will absolutely Love this game! If, like me, you are actually turned on by both scenarios then this game will positively blow your mind.

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