Friendship with Benefits [v 1.01]

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updated on Nov 21, 2020

Friendship with Benefits is MLP themed porn game - In this furry game, you're about to enter the world of Arcadia. It's an escape from reality, and that in itself makes it a world well worth visiting. You have a sexual appetite that can never be satisfied. All you think about all day long is sex and nothing else. Don’t worry, that's okay in Arcadia. You'll have plenty of opportunities to get naked and also to fuck plenty of people. Allow your wildest desires to roam free, and you'll be amazed by what extent you can live them out in this game.

Cheat Codes

ibeat0.2 - This cheat will reset your money to 200, and the days to 6. It'll automatically complete the boutique and farm routes.

moneymoneymoney - This cheat will give you 9999 monies, enough for anything in the game.

ibeat0.4 - This cheat will beat the Forest, Library, Boutique, and Farm routes, set your monies to 360, and set the number of days to 12.

ibeat0.6 - This cheat will beat Selene's route, Bar, Forest, Library, Boutique and Farm routes, set your monies to 450, and set the number of days to 15.

changemyname -Change your name.

ibeatallroutes - This cheat will beat all main character main routes, give you 550 monies, and set the day to 21.

ibeat0.8 - This cheat will beat all routes and skip Morrigan's invasion. You'll also get 1500 monies and the day will be set to 22.

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  • player - Nov 29, 2020

    one of the best games I have played. please make more games like this
    • anon - Nov 18, 2020

      came here cause some said its an older version with the original colors. now its updated...😫
      • NA - Nov 14, 2020

        8 fucking hours of my life and it was worth it
        • Daddy - Nov 04, 2020

          10/10 would play again. ;)
          • Alex12 - Nov 01, 2020


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