Favorite Teacher [v 0.32]

updated on Sep 22, 2020

In Favorite Teacher, you've got a brand new job as a biology teacher. You try your best to get into the panties of the teachers you work with, your students, and even your new neighbors. It seems like there's nothing that you won't try to fuck. You also have a sexy neighbor named Angela, and you so desperately want to get into her panties. All you think about in this game is sex, and the one girl you want to fuck is trying her best to refuse your advances.

Cheat Codes

E2S9KectURNhnt4FIuS1 = +500$

mDmFBxqB7F4yQ932I0ml = secret panel

386XrX08XXOXYpYQIkxV = gifts/items

9s2VJo18quVMFtuBpEfb = quest items

3Z8AfOoiuU8i3h9osd4a = +1 Qualification

vHHRV5HjA8jN2xyJsnok = +1 MaxStamina

uZqw7UwEBYd5QiIiAUO2 = restores rewind button

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