Dating my Daughter Ch1 [v.0.14.5]

updated on Jul 24, 2020

In Dating my Daughter Ch1, you haven't been the best father in the world. You haven't seen your daughter in years. She has just turned 18 and now wants to see you again. You two have a father and daughter date, and everything goes great. It pulls at your heartstrings to know how long the two of you have been away. Now is your chance to make amends and try your best to work on your relationship. Will you go on more father and daughter dates? The answer to that question depends on how you play the game.

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  • Black - Aug 27, 2020

    well ı saved my game like 3 hours age now ı opened but there is no saved game why is that
    • aAA - Sep 13, 2020

      or you are on incognito or you have your cookis disabled so you computer cant remember
  • Hanre - Aug 27, 2020

    I do not understand, when Lucas comes to the apartment there are no options, and then the game is over, nothing I can do different, whats up with that ?
    • AC55 - Sep 03, 2020

      You must go back to Martins office, from there to the police, and let the daughter take self-defence lessons
  • no87 - Aug 24, 2020

    Im so confused on how to get back to your saved game... I press import saves, it tells me to restart to apply, but then when I do that nothing happens. Please help.
    • MrJhon - Aug 06, 2020

      There is a problem with saving After my ninth day, I returned to start
      • Admin - Aug 07, 2020

        Thank you for the comment. Our team has already begun fixing the issue.
    • boobs - Jul 12, 2020

      who has step mom here

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