Changeling Tale [v0.8.1]

created on Sep 04, 2020

Changeling Tale game - All of this takes place in Scotland in 1919. The war is over, and Malcolm comes back to his childhood home where the MacLoed sisters live. War changes everyone, and the main character is no different. His sisters will try their best to get him to snap back into reality and to enjoy life on the ranch where he grew up. It's not an easy task, and the war is continuously replaying in his mind. Hopefully, he finds comfort in being with his family while trying to come to grips with the hell that war is.

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  • rancid - Sep 18, 2020

    im sorry.. but waaaay too much story line.. sick of clicking 100 000 000 times and still not seeing what i came for.. drags on forever.. im giving up 20 mins into the game as there is nothing for me here
    • poop - Sep 17, 2020

      make a part two but dony make it so u have to plsy part one first coz saves dont work for me
      • leaf - Sep 08, 2020

        Leave coryxkenshin out of this.
        • aa - Sep 08, 2020

          up down up down coryxkenshin.
          • rjhan - Sep 07, 2020

            also need to know how the family dinner goes with marion

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