Acting Lessons [v1.0.2]

updated on Jul 24, 2020

In Acting Lessons, you play a middle-aged man who makes his living trading cryptocurrency. You meet this young aspiring actress named Megan, who steals your heart. You so desperately want to have a relationship with her. She's younger than you, but somehow you've got to find a way to hook up. Megan will be your girlfriend if you play your cards right; she'll let you fuck her as well. Your goal has to be to not only get into her panties but also make sure she doesn't stray away from you.

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  • KingJay - Sep 17, 2020

    Leah is psycho bitch Don`t fuck with her
    • Joe - Aug 17, 2020

      Perhaps the best RPG I have seen. Great character development and you become emotionally connected to the main ones. Many of the things portrayed touched nerves. I lost a wife to cancer so the issue Liam had hit home. Wife cheating.... check. Loving someone like Megan.... check. Sexy distractions along the way.... check. And, like the main character I ended up with my own version of Megan after going our separate ways for a number of years. Awesome job! Kudos!
      • Justin - Sep 15, 2020

        Couldn't agree more. this story was probably the best one i have ever had the pleasure of enjoying. Honestly would have enjoyed this story even with out the sexual aspects. obviously made it more enjoyable. but the whole story takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions. no spoilers. but you def start to invest in the characters and the way mine ended left me speechless. some serious love for this story, bravo! please make another!
    • GoodBoy - Aug 16, 2020

      damn tis story got me to shake so. to the core
      • GoodBoy - Aug 16, 2020

        the story part abowd the too do list reminds me of a Muvie wit morgan Freeman and jack nickelson if i remamber right quit funny this story allso
        • Manllu - Aug 12, 2020

          It looks like a gift box

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