A Mother's Love, Part 1-8

updated on Jul 24, 2020

A Mother's Love - You don't get along at all with your girlfriend's mom. She hates your guts and wants you to dump her daughter immediately. Your girlfriend's mom feels like you're getting in the way of her education. There's a little secret, and it's that you want to get into your girlfriend's mom's panties so bad. She is willing to make you a deal that will change your relationship forever. Could you dump your girlfriend and pound the living daylights out of her mom? If that's something you're willing to do, you'll have the best sex of your entire life.

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  • Manu - Aug 08, 2020

    Really great , looking forward for other updates and complete version I would like to thankyou guys and gove more games like this
    • Maximus - Jul 30, 2020

      Really good story line, although the audio does not seem to be working. But otherwise, this one is flawless. Keep up the good work you guys. Cheers.
      • mrcornman - Jul 25, 2020

        the best games i ever played cant wait for part 9 keep up the great work
        • Mark - Jul 11, 2020

          Well just came back to look to see if the game was update, but all saves were gone. I know it's a free site, and the game designers are in the business to make money, so not that upset (75% PO'ed LOL) Good game will be back when 9 hits. Wish I had the cash to spend on MOST of the game's here, just picked one or two. So good luck to all.
          • Anonymous - Jul 18, 2020

            In left at the topmost side of the screen when the game starts, there will be a button, where there will be import saves and export saves. first play the game, then save at any random part. Now if you this save to be there the next time you play, click on export saves and a zip file will be downloaded, keep it. Now the next time you start the game, just click on import saves and from there find the downloaded zip file and select it. Restart the game, the save files will be there.
        • TittySucker - Jul 10, 2020

          How do we save the progress of the game so the next time I don't need to start over. Help anyone

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