New Coral City [v1.31]

updated on Sep 08, 2020

In New Coral City, you're about to follow the story of Anthony. He moves to New Coral City to live with his brother and start a new life. Your character gets a job at a pizzeria to earn some money. It's not the best job in the world, and he wants to become a photographer. The new city that you're living in is full of wannabe models who are more than willing to strike a pose in front of your camera.

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  • Carl - Sep 21, 2020

    Honestly, the main girls from the first game (Intro) are at least twice as interesting as anyone from this game. But almost every one of them ends up in a new relationship and you make 0 progress with any of them so far. Irenes nuts, Kirsten is still the lesbians bitch, Rebecca and Boris broke up but still nothing, then Andrea and little prick. The sexiest girls are untouchable
    • twinnrother - Aug 23, 2020

      What you guys dont put bad comment your game suck
      • Kilroy82 - Aug 23, 2020

        Also the MC has broken no laws and he now has a confession he can use to put Yoshi in jail. Not to mention he could show these messages to Andrea as definitive proof. Yoshis plot should not work.

        • Kilroy82 - Aug 23, 2020

          Yoshi is a dumbass but apparently the MC is a bigger yoshi one. Yoshi made a classic blunder. Instead of calling and bragging he sent text messages. Text messages that reveal his entire plot. From cloning his girlfriends phone to blackmail and extortion
          • Nasrul - Aug 23, 2020


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