Maou-Sama [v0.7]

updated on Jul 24, 2020

In Maou-Sama, you're a young man who lives a typical life with his dad, stepmom, step-sister, and step-aunt. Your stepmom is a bit crazy, and she keeps talking about bearing God's child to save the world. Somehow, you get yourself wrapped up in this weird tale, and it's going to get stranger. You overheard your stepmom and others talking an evil, violent plot to hurt someone. Could they be planning to hurt someone in your family? The twists and turns this story takes will leave you spellbound and wondering if you ever knew these people who you once called family.

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  • Skinz - Sep 02, 2020

    Good to see there is interaction in this game, would be a lot better with MORE interaction and MULTI CHOICE interaction, instead of just one option click.
    • gregg - Jul 01, 2020

      will there be a part 2?
      • Vaibhav - Jun 24, 2020

        Damn this game is really great. Not to forget lots of girls and tons of sex scenes. Great work.

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