Darkness Falls - Season1, Episodes 1-5

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updated on Oct 09, 2020

Darkness Falls - Season1, Episodes 1-5 - This game was hinted at the end of another game called "Saving Chloe". It's a crime drama which some say is rather like X-files meets CSI. However, there isn’t that much sex or nudity in it so you may be disappointed. However, you are Nathaniel Blake, a police detective. Your partner, Michelle Won is a girl and you both go on investigative cases together. Make the right choices and you will eventually get laid during the game.

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  • Whadafxup - Apr 21, 2020

    Straight visual novel with nearly no player involvement. Says episodes 1-5, but is only 1-4. Only 1 sexual encounter in 4 episodes. These writers have a disturbing attachment to major lady bush.

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