College Kings [v 0.6.6]

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updated on Jan 22, 2021

In College Kings, you break up with your girlfriend, Emily, and it's fucking with your head big time. You go to college in San Vallejo and join a fraternity. You have to fight between another fraternity in what's called the Summer Showdown. It's the wolves and the apes, and only one fraternity can come out on top. As with any college fraternity, there's plenty of partying and lots of sex to be enjoyed. All of that is good, but maybe what's best is that you're rubbing shoulders with people who will one day be in positions of power, and you can use your connections to further yourself later on in life.

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  • DHarrison8315 - Jan 21, 2021

    The best college story ever and hope keep continue new updates!
    • SuperGamer - Jan 20, 2021

      When Aubrey calls the guy at night and tries to get intimate with him, it throws an error, and I canβ€˜t do anything except quit there. Can you please check? Otherwise, nice game!!! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
      • John - Jan 19, 2021

        Keep getting an error where it wont load one of the frames in the scene where Aubrey and you are having a beer. I try to ignore it with the Ignore option at the bottom of the error screen, but it sends me right back to the error message screen. This being said, I cannot play the game after the error. I would love to finish the game or at least through the update, so if anyone has a solution I would much appreciate it.
        • jstn - Jan 24, 2021

          Same error occurred for me, I just didn't go to her at all (You have two options while messaging her,one is you can go to her, second decline her invitation)
        • pp2p - Jan 23, 2021

          bro just skip it
        • Admin - Jan 22, 2021

          Thank you for the comment. Our team has already begun fixing the issue.
      • i-have-aids - Jan 18, 2021

        please a new update
        • ProudEarthling123 - Jan 18, 2021

          Lovely game! Amazingly real-world, with proper emotions and decisions!!! Good job, dev!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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